GMB Optimization Services

Google My Business Optimization services enable you to manage and optimize your Business Profile on Google and to showcase your versatile products to the customers with a GMB ranking.

Improves Local Ranking

GMB engagement signals include local ranking that directly influences the reputation and ranking of a business in the local market.

Protect Brand Reputation

We make sure your brand reputation and monitor the spam and policy violations, and solidify the customer relationship by on brand strategy.

Products & Services

GMB listing enables showcasing products and services on the maps, and engaging customers to boost up your business.

Our Expertise

Support service is always there for you!

Google My Business Listings show relevant searches for posts and their descriptions and optimization of products & services and find local businesses when performing localized searches.

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Google My Business Optimization Service

Getting Your Business On Google

Establish your business with a GMB listing and generate more leads and traffic to your startup site. It also enables the users to search the product or services in a given area in the most tremendous easy way. Also, it helps the users to get every information without shuffling to various sites.

How IntellectualSEO can help you to scale your business on Google?

SEO performs various functions to scale up your business as it verifies your business and fills out your profile completely to make sure your profile information is accurate. It also ensures NAP consistency across the web and picks the most relevant categories, including semi-professional pictures, and get more reviews for your website. SEO is responsible for all the business settlements and their expansion. 

Google My Business Optimization Service

Check Out What Our Clients Say

IntellectualSEO provides the most relevant search and provides the best strategies one should follow as it helps me most in my online business growth. I get the most secure and reliable experience here. As I’m happy and satisfied with my experience over here and I want to recommend it to everyone.



SEO is important for any business, but particularly for small businesses that can use local targeting to compete against large competitors on the SERP and IntellectualSEO takes all the businesses with equality, whether they are small businesses or startups.

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The completeness and accuracy of your Business Profile impact its rank, IntellectualSEO takes this point as a priority and maintains the GMB ranking effectively.

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What We Do in GMB Optimization?

Maintaining NAP

Our service will include name, address, and phone with full consistency and reliability and make it update.

Carefully monitoring

We maintain GMB insights for your convenience and change accordingly to the time.


We schedule high-quality posts Optimized and relevant posts on your GMB account to make sure your visit increases.

Updating Q&A section

We update this section accordingly to the customer’s requirement and provide the best solutions. 

GMB Keywords

GMB service presents Optimized and engaging keywords that help the user to locate you.

Providing Feedback

GMB Optimization service includes valuable feedback that improves your listing and ranking. 

GMB Monthly Packages



Optimization of Business Descriptions
Business Name, logo & cover Image
Optimization Of Services & Description
Local Listings (50)
Keyword Research
Optimized Posts (10)
Monthly Reporting
Optimization Of Images & Videos



Optimization of Business Descriptions
Business Name, logo & cover Image
Optimization Of Services & Description
Local Listings (100)
Keyword Research
Optimized Posts (15)
Monthly Reporting
Optimization of FAQ
Optimization Of Images & Videos
GMB Audit



Optimization of Business Descriptions
Business Name, logo & cover Image
Optimization Of Services & Description
Local Listings (150)
Keyword Research
Optimized Posts (25)
Weekly Reporting
Optimization of FAQ
Optimization Of Images & Videos
GMB Audit
Social Media Schema Mark-up
Replies To Reviews
Geo Articles

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We are the on-time solution for your business. 

Why so worry for your any kind of settled business or for any startup?

Every business knows that their ranking is GMB important, but not everyone knows how to improve it.

IntellectualSEO comes up with the most engaging services that will make you stress-free regarding its online growth. Let’s get connected and commence together for its online growth and advancement.

How Our Google My Business Optimization Service Works

Using our easy Google My Business Optimization Service, IntellectualSEO will capture all the details about your business location, that are required to complete the profile. After that, we’ll conduct an audit of your GMB listing. With the audit completed, your account manager will create a customized action plan that will give detail about how we will improve the optimization of your listing. Once your review and approval are done, we will move to the next step to optimize your Google My Business listing. Once it’s done, they will update your listing’s checklist. After all the procedures you should start to see results within 30 to 90 days of your business growth. 


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Benefits Of Hiring IntellectualSEO For GMB Optimization

Curate Information

GMB optimisation includes Control, indexing, and display of pertinent business information.

Increases Views

IntellectualSEO Interact with potential customers and manage your online review reputation and increases your website visit.

Engaging uploading

Curate customer photos, videos, and other user-generated content for a better-optimized search.

Better Search

IntellectualSEO Gather insights information deeply regarding how your customers are arriving on your site and with what expectations.

Competitive Advantage

We identify your competitors, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, manage your online reputation and focus on providing the best user experience.

Get Quantifiable Results

You can track changes in rankings, conversions, and website traffic. You will be able to see the growth of your business soon.

Explore More About Us.

Due to advancement in technology digitalisation is taking over everything incorporating services into online websites and platforms. Google My Business is a convenient way to get access to new customers across the globe which is making waves in its path of this modern world of web. To get more engagement in your business, online web sources such as Google my business is worth using as it substantially increases the credibility of one’s online resources.

Why Choose IntellectualSEO?

IntellectualSEO helps small businesses to create and grow their web presence using data-driven internet marketing approaches. Our team has gone beyond traditional marketing techniques, creating effective management plans based on an unrivaled library of market research. IntellectualSEO strategies for your business growth by using many advanced key solutions.


IntellectualSEO increases the insight visibility whether in terms of post views or website visits. We make it so that the users searching for your product and services and can find you. We make your product maximize visibility in the local market.

Google My Business Dashboard

The completeness and accuracy of your Business Profile impact the GMB rank, so we make sure to provide the requested information in every section of your Google My Business dashboard.


With the growing competition in the e-Commerce sector, it is important for entrepreneurs to get more traffic & clicks to their website. IntellectualSEO makes that desire to rank in the top Google search accomplishable.


We utilise strategies for analyzing, testing, and for showcasing to ensure the short and very long-term GMB Optimization ranking effectively and reliably.

Secure & Reliable

Our service will make you stress-free regarding privacy and security. Keep your information updated and accurate as your business evolves. 


e make sure to incorporate relevant keywords into your Business Profile so you can tell Google what you’re trying to rank for and people will find your business easily.


Q1. What is GMB Process? Ans. GMB is a tool that provides you with information on how your business appears on Google Search and Maps.

Q2. Can IntellectualSEO Verify The GMB/GBP Listing For the customer? Ans. Yes, IntellectualSEO verifies the GMB/GMP listing for the customer.

Q3. Can I Call Or Skype For A Consultation Before I Place My Order? Ans. Yes, you can consult before you place an order.

Q4. How Many Accounts Or Citations Do You Build? Ans. We can create multiple citations accordingly to your need.

Q5. Do You Provide Reporting? Yes, we provide SEO reports.Yes, we provide SEO reports. Ans. Yes, we provide two GMB reports in the mid and at the end of month.

Q6. Can I See Some Past Work Of GMB? Ans. You can go through our website, there you will view all relevant past works.

Q7. How Long Does It Take To Start Seeing Results? Ans. You will be able to start seeing growth in a few weeks.